JAH Associates LLC
Expertise in toxicology and drug and medical device development

JAH Associates offers a variety of services in the areas of toxicology and pharmacology to assist companies in the preclinical and clinical development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.   Areas of expertise include safety assessment of small molecules and biopharmaceuticals, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, and biocompatibility analysis for medical devices. 

Assistance is also provided in project management, clinical trial design and conduct, regulatory document preparation and review, regulatory and other business meeting preparation, and evaluation of in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities. In addition,  an extensive network of professionals in a variety of different scientific disciplines is available to draw upon for services in other areas of pharmaceutical and medical device development to help meet your needs. 

The Principal of JAH Associates LLC is Dr. Jeffrey Handler, a pharmacologist and board-certified toxicologist with 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device fields.  A biography for Dr. Handler is located here.

Please contact JAH Associates LLC at:

(610) 220-0016 (phone)

(610) 465-8986 (fax)